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I believe we all have innate tools to heal ourselves. 

Therapy can make those tools more accessible. 

Learning to embrace the grey areas of our life and the struggle of what it means to be human, we will work together so you can embrace your authentic self. 



Hi, I'm Jen Lachance-Poirrier, a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in EMDR,

& a Board Certified Art Therapist.

I specialize in trauma, grief, toxic cycles, anxiety, depression, PTSD, relationship concerns, parenting struggles, and general life dissatisfaction. When appropriate I offer art as a way to work through difficult emotions.

What Is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is the process of incorporating common talk therapy practices with different artistic modalities in a therapeutic space. We do not always have the words
for how we feel, so in art therapy we let the art act as our voice.

The creative process allows for additional pathways to open, promoting insight and growth. Art therapy can be used with a variety of populations, not just children! One does not need to have any artistic abilities to be good at art therapy.

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