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Jennifer Lachance-Poirrier

Licensed Counselor & Board Certified Art Therapist

I began my career in the business world as a buyer in the fashion industry, where I stayed for five years prior to going back to school to study art therapy. I believe having experience in a field outside of providing therapy has broadened my perspective and skillset. 


Once I became an art therapist I started working with young people in schools, providing art therapy in a classroom setting. There I was exposed indirectly to grief, and realized it was where I wanted to focus my time and energy.

Prior to being in private practice I worked on the hospice and palliative care team of a major hospital network where I helped families and their children navigate their grief. 


I feel humbled and honored to be a part of an individual's personal journey. While our experiences and feelings are all unique we are all walking through this world together. It is important to me you do not feel alone in your journey.

My Philosophy

We are all unique and I believe you should be treated that way. I will never put your feelings or emotions into a mold. I use a compassionate, empathetic, and strength-based approach in my sessions.  

I combine traditional talk therapy with the arts when appropriate. I believe people of all ages can benefit from the holistic approach art therapy provides. You do not need to be artistic to benefit from art therapy, and if you do not want to create art that is okay!